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Capital IQ Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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If eqityshares are issued as consideration for purchase of machinery will it effect the cashflow statement?


Difference between nonoperating expentiture and non cash expenditure


If debtors realisation period is increased operating cycle will increase or decrease

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What are events occuring after the balancesheet date?


Example for extra ordinary expenditure?


What is marginal costing?

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What is Break Even Point?

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What is contingent event?

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What if forfeiture of shares?

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What is semi variable expenditure and example?

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Whats the difference between merger and aquisition?

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Difference between cash and merchantile system?


If we follow accrual basis of accounting....will it be in conflict conservatism concept?

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What is the entry for forfeiture of shares?

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mutual funds invest in preference shares or not?

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