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Capital IQ Banking Finance Interview Questions
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What is Book Value?

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difference between Equity Capital and Preference capital?

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What is BRS?

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ON BSE,some shares are listed as EQ and some as BE,wat does it mean?

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what is entry load? what is exit load?

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what is swaps?

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difference between shares and mutualfunds?

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what are the first 30 companies in bse and what r the first 50 companies in nse

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what is the difference between profit and gain?

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what is the difference between commercial banking and investment banking?

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what is the difference between prepaid expenses and preliminary expenses?

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what is finance?

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in stock market i find the term futures and options ? what was the meaning of that sensex futures and options

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What is BEP? How is it calculated?

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What is diluted EPS? in finance what is the use of diluted EPS?

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