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What is BRidge Loan?

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What is BRidge Loan?..

Answer / praveen

Bridge Loan is a loan taken by the borrower of a bank or
financial institution which is the lendor to the
borrower.The loan taken to meet the requirements in the
period between the approval,sanction and disbursement of
the loan.It carries a higher rate of interest than the
normal one.It is generally adjusted or set-off against the
loan disbursed.

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What is BRidge Loan?..

Answer / guest

the loan given by bank to other banks

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What is BRidge Loan?..

Answer / aditya

it is a loan given to provide finance for stop gap arrangement pending formal approval of loan

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What is BRidge Loan?..

Answer / shekhar

bridge loan known as bridge finanace its a shoort loan less
than 6 months

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