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Capital IQ Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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what is sharesplit and types of it explain?

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debt/total capital

2 4501

what is brs?

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what is meant by bridge finance

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what is debentures, types of debentures

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what is zero base budgeting

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WHAT IS Amortisation??

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can you give a answer of below question bco'z I think I will confuse u or i am confused? suppose u deposit amt 50000 ( for one Year) on which u get 4%int per annuam (simple int) give me a journal entry for int ?

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what is buy bach shares?


what is contigent liabilities? whats it status in balance sheet?


what is absorbtion coasting?


what is market capitalisation?

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What are the types of the Balance sheets ?

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what are share warrants?

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