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Capital IQ Taxation Interview Questions
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What is the difference between income year, financial year and FBT year?

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What is the differance between vat and tds d-vat and can we take benefit from it. for example if we sells to some one the entry is Dr. ram A/c 10000 Cr. Sales@4% 9600 Cr. Output vat@4% 400 now we received the cheque agst. sell the entry is Dr, Bank A/c 9573 Dr. Tds d-vat Receivable A/c 200 Dr. Tds Income Tax A/c 227 Cr. Ram A/c 10000 now If We recd. the Tds D-vat Certificate from our Debtor (Ram) What is the entry.....?????? and how can we get the benefit of it...???


what is sevice tax present rate

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service tax present rate

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how to calculate sub contract tds his bill 48500?

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Hello Sir, Please send the knowing calculation of attrition rate?


What is the QIS Report? what is the use of QIS Report in brief?

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what is TDS

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What is US Tax Accounts? Can I get any information where from I take full knowledge about US Taxation?


We need to know is their any govt notification for VAT & Service both applicable for one item or single invoices



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Capital IQ Taxation Interview Questions
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