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Capital IQ Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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What is Earning per share?

11 10563

what is portfolio management?

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What is the difference b/w NPV and PBP?

4 9914

What are the types of MUTUAL FUNDS?

11 12234

What is the treatment for PRELIMINARY EXPENSES?

27 66019

What is the treatment for 'DEFERRED REVENUE EXPENDITURE'?

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8 11276

What is Provate Placement?

6 4942

What is Acqusition?

1 3105

Any body please give me the model paper of capital iq and what they have given the questions and what am i preparing for written test

3 18575

what is the work done in a BPO? will it add experience for my M.B.A?

1 2799

venture capital

11 8213

list out the accounting concepts and explain the accural concept

10 38481

Difference between funds flow statement & Cash flow statement

3 7316

what is Book Keeping

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Un-Answered Questions

in a multiprogramming and time-sharing environment,several user share the system simultaneously. this situation can result in various security problems a.discuss two such problems can we ensure the same degree of security in a time-share machine as in a dedicated machine?


how to calculate accrued interest on fdr?how to see from bank statement????basic procedure plz advice..


Plz Give the Inventry Accounting Procedure 1.Domestic Purchases ( VAT,CST,& Excise) 2.Import Purchases ( Direct Expences & Excise ) 3.When Will the Price Diffrence Entry Happen? 4.Cash Discount & Trade Discount On Purchases? 5.Domestic Sales ( VAT,CST,& Excise) 6.Export Sales ( Customes ,Excise ) 7.Cash Discount & Trade Discount On Sales?


What is the difference between conductive lined pipe and conductive unlined pipe? Why do we see that?


A Company has not deposited its ESI /PF dues from 01-04-10 till 31-12-10 in a year (Both the shares). What is the maximum time limit for that and is the liability as on date. Management wants to daly at the maximum, but want the calculations of each & every aspect- monthwise. The avrerage no. of employees are 50 and the salary is around 2.00 to 2.5 Lacs per month.


• What are the types of cash flows?


what are components of output power for BTS(WCDMA/UMTC)? and which power benefit users ? how users use this power ?


What is sequence number


i in 4th year electronics engineering. i ask about ideas for graduaring projects?


what is audit & activities of auditor?


in india per day how much power is generated including all power station


what is the types of surveying?which type of survey carrying for type of work?


What is the advantage of Ring network ? Compare it with ethernet


how u can control stock issuing raw materials practical way..basically in ,y org we r using bin cards,barcodes etc but somehow need more concentration... help me frds..


describe atime when you felt it was necessary to change a staffing pattern to better meet your unit's needs. how did you handle the sutuation?


Capital IQ Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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