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What is the difference b/w NPV and PBP?

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What is the difference b/w NPV and PBP?..

Answer / habeeb

NPV is NET Present Value, it is a standard method to
measure the time value of money to appraise long-term
projects. Its also called as Net Present worth.

PBP is PayBack Period, measures the time required for the
cash inflows to equal the original outlay. It measures
risk, not return.

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What is the difference b/w NPV and PBP?..

Answer / khushboo

NPV tells the sum of all the present value if the cash
inflows while payback period tells that How many years will
it take for the cash inflows to pay the original cost of
the investment.

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What is the difference b/w NPV and PBP?..

Answer / vikram

cash in flows - cash out flows = NPV ( + or - )
PBP is the period at which the invested amount on the
longterm assets will get back by the company

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What is the difference b/w NPV and PBP?..

Answer / nagaveni.c

NPV means net present value
present values of all future cash inflows are less from the
all future cash outflows.
PBP means pay back period
time period required to compleate recovery of the initial
investment in the project

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