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Capital IQ Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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What is provision and reserve and how u treat in account

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how did you know about capitaliq? what is the meaning of iq.

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do you have debit and credit in balance sheet

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what is the meaning of derivative.

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What is mean by Dis-investment

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what is mean by Red herrting

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How to treat the provision for bad debts which appear on credit side of the p&L A/c.

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what is leverage?how many types of leverages are there and explain

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What is Electronic clearances?

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tell the ratio where the numerator and denominator should contain one from asset side and other from liabilities side

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what is the order for cashflow statement

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What is a cash flow statement

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what is BRS

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what is the effect of repo rate

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Capital IQ Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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