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Capital IQ Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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bonus shares?

22 22656

What is meant by defferred revenue expenditure

13 27500

share premium?

25 27278

what is ment by memorandom of association?

14 19882

what is the difference between long term debt and short term debt?

8 16097

what do you mean by debt equity ratio?

17 22796

What is Deffered Tax?

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What is meant by Repo Rate and Reverse Repo Rate.

28 140147

what is cost of goods sold ?

21 17287

what is a contract note?

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what is the accounting treatment for contingent laibility?

3 9378

In intangible assest, patents ,trade marks,copy rights we can feel or some thing can be done but what about goodwill?

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what is service tax, how much calculated on service?

7 17806

what about your self

8 12165

what is accrual income ?

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