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bonus shares?

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bonus shares?..

Answer / babulu180605

Bonus shares are the shares alloted to existing equity
share holders without any cosideration being received from
them, in cash or kind. They are issued to capitalise
profits of the company. Bonus shares can be issued only if
Articles of Association permit such an issue.

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bonus shares?..

Answer / usha

A company capitalize its reserves by issuing Bonus shares to
existing shareholders .these shares are issued at free of
cost.these shares does not increase the number of share

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bonus shares?..

Answer / r.nagaraju

if any company wants to increase their sharecapital
company will issue to the bonus shares to their existing
equity share holders only becoz they are having the
preemptive right.

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bonus shares?..

Answer / padmakar

Company whats increase of capital then bonus shares will be
issued to existing share holder. insted of devidend these
shares will be issued to existing share holders.

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bonus shares?..

Answer / pathimahesh

shares issued free of cost to the existing share holders by
way of capitalization of profits and reserves.

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bonus shares?..

Answer / john

bonus shares is with out cash. it is given in shares
iscalled bonus shares

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bonus shares?..

Answer / jagdish sherla

When the company or any organisation got a profit and
declare the dividend on shares. When the company will
increase there's share capital, the company delcares bonus
shares to shareholders.

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bonus shares?..

Answer / nitin kewlani

Shares issued by a "healthy" company to existing
shareholders without any cost. They are issued in
proportion to the existing holding of a shareholder. Only
if a company has accumulated a surplus in free reserves
(retained profits) it can issue bonus shares. As bonus
issues add to the number of total shares of the company,
the Earnings Per Share ratio decreases

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bonus shares?..

Answer / sitaram sawant

When a company have a enough reserve, then company transfer
it's reserve to share capital a/c by issuing bonus share to

It is a conversion of reserve into share capital to
increase share capital of the company subject to max of
authorised capital.

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bonus shares?..

Answer / sandeep

bonus shares is an extra shares issued to existing

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