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give a 5 mins speach on any topic of ur choice

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give a 5 mins speach on any topic of ur choice..

Answer / baby tyagi

hi frnds i want to share my memorable days in my life with
all of u . when i was in 12th standard i was going to
school. i was late so i was in hurry. suddenly a car coming
very speedly toward my side and hit a byke rider.he falled
very strongly on the ground nd he was very enjured but the
car driver ran very speedly.i was write down the car number
after that i admited that unknown person in hospital help
with some other person.i informed his family.after some
time his family member were in hospital. they were thankful
for me and they aprecicte me.i was very late so my parents
were worried for me but the unknown person parents drop me
at my home. they told abt the incidnce to my parents. my
parents were very happy for me.
friends i cnt forget that day in my life coj that day i was
save a life which was very important then my school.

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give a 5 mins speach on any topic of ur choice..

Answer / stephen arce

Morality/Hollywood celebrities and the false implications
bestowed on their status.
I've heard threoughout the years that the value of
entertainment has an implicit influence on the public
beginning at the age of awareness. And that they should hold
this public status that is derived mainly in whatever is
popular to an utmost scrutiny as to not exhibit their common
faults, as in behavior. And in doing so, they must make
ammends to the public for their mistake or lack of judgement
that was in error. But I say this implication is wrong and
completely false. The age at which adults are directing
their lives is in and of itself up to them. And children are
mostly influenced by their parents behavior. And the least
of these which holds some accountability to morality to
adults or children is TV. And simply some authorities who
took a position to subject their opinions upon that media
was only doing so to penalize or punish this profession for
it's most obvious humanistic nature to fail because of their
wealth and stature. And it is of no value when they make
false apologies or even redirect their actions to misguide
the public to thinking they have changed their views. It
does nothing for any cause or further restore their
popularity. They live and die by their character and their
failures may be what keeps their image and persona in the
public eyes and grants them a connection with which people
may relate to better than a spotless, eventless living
condition. This is just human nature on behavior from all
matters on this sensitive subject. And this is my opinion
only, and however strongly I feel about it there are those
that would disagree.

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give a 5 mins speach on any topic of ur choice..

Answer / vipul rana

hi all i just want to share a memorable moment of life , i remember a day 19th December i went to attend my friends sister marriage & while return back opposite site of inox multiplex a aged person fall down from his bike & got injured & he had injury in on his head so much blood coming from his head & surprising moment is that nobody is trying to help him
suddenly i stooped my bike & park it on the road & with my handy i tried to stop his blood at that time my two friends were also along with me we called auto & drag the person at Unity hospital then suddenly i realize to call the persons family member , i took his mobile & search by name papa , mom or any family relatives & called to his jiju's number & surprisingly the persons sister & jiju were wathing movie at "INOX" they come to us with in 15 minutes & then thank ful to me & appericiate me a lot that the moment of my life i was happiest person I always remember that day whenever i want to smile that is .....

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give a 5 mins speach on any topic of ur choice..

Answer / caju

Giving a simple smile. Last October 25, 2009 is my cousin's
11th birthday. Being a child of his age, I was surprised.
Instead of asking for something as gift from his mom and
dad, he preferred to have a feeding program with those kids
who were victim of typhoon "Ondoy." I was amazed with his
decision because I didn't expect that a child of his age
will leave a mark that will cherish on the heart of those
children. I wish my two other cousins will do the same. It
is hard to draw a simple smile in the face of those typhoon
victims, my but my cousin did it! I salute you brother^.^

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