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Bosch Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what do you mean by 1 ton in AC`s

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how can you calculate the value of external resistance inserted in a slipring industion motor? (eg. 110 kw / 990 rpm/50Hz/stator v-415/stator Amp-195/Rotor V-440/Rotor amps- 151.)

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How can w select the cable size for different rating load & also waht r factors affecting the during selection of cable?

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What is the use of conservater, bucchos relay, breather in a transformer?

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whatis the commertial spec. of distribution boards ?


why HV test for cables?.why 0.7times?

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how to calculate the capacitor to maintain power factor?


1)What is a Triode? What are its uses? 2) What is a Triac? 3) What is a Thyristor?


why phase to phase voltage are 290 rather then 440?

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why are transformers rated in KVA and not in KW

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what is percentage impedance of transformer? explain its significance

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what does vector group Dyn11 tell us? also tell me how will u differentiate between phase lead and phase lag thru this vector group


why in scott connection of transformers, main transformer is tapped at 50% and teaser transformer at 86.6%?

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what is unit of inductance

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how to find the transformer effiiency

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Bosch Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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