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Bosch SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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what is the difference between DATA ELEMENT and DOMAIN? please give the fully detailed

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How to define PROJECT in CMOD?

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What is the exactly definition of Foreign key 2.what is the exactly definition of Value Table. 3)What is the exactly definition of Data element and Domain.Please give the exactly definitions of all above questions without fail....Thanku

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Wats the difference between package and devolopment class??

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What is Deep structure and Flat structure?

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How would you debug custom programs at runtime?

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What is the difference between ECC versions and older versions?

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Withou using SLIN transaction how would you check custom programs?

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In Scripts,if we forgot to give the Elements Parameter in the Functional Module Write_form,then what will happen?

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What event is trigger wen screen is displayed?Before displaying Initailization and Pressing enter At selection- Screen..............But at the selection displayed and we are entering values naa that time?

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how to migrate standard text in sap script to smart form?

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Can we change the IDoc number ? if yes..How ?


why scripts are client dependent and smart forms are client independent.?

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different ways to process/run the session

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Un-Answered Questions

We have recently bought Hart 475 communicator , when we try to use it on transmitter it shows error : Voltage detected on FF connectors and later show No device found , can any one give me and idea about how to solve it.


Can you tell me installation procedure of SAP on UNIX


How to tell about our academic project in interview?


how many notations are posible(cordinolity)are there in between two tables(one is fact and another is dimension)pls give me a example pls.


which phase is preferred for connecting 1 phase vt used for synchronizing OHL? WHY?


What is the vector group of a transformer,how can it be found out?


about induction motor


what is cost accountinp


we have one oven for 12 zone we are installed ir lamp in oven we control load from thyrister and 0 to 5vdc so our zone no 8 getting bright in fraction of second so what we do.. Please answer


Why do we use dynamic where conditions?


Splitting of production order & product version


what is highseas purchase and sales? how is custom duty calculated? what are the criteria for a person dealing in shares comes under tax audit? whether all equity oriented fund are eligble for stt?


dear sir pls send me rrb previous question papper to this email


Write a program in ā€˜Cā€™ that will accept 10 numbers from the user, sort them & then perform the binary search. The searching number will be arithmetic mean of the 10 numbers accepted from the user. Write the sort() & binSearch() functions for performing the sorting & binary search. Also create display function() for displaying the list. Sort() function will use selection sort and only receive one argument (Single char type)as type of sorting i.e. ascending (a) or descending (d). Display the list after sorting using a display() function. binSearch() function will accept one argument as a number to be search & return null or the index position of that number in the array. display() function is non argument non return type function. It will simply display the list row-wise. Program should use these functions by displaying the appropriate message for found or not found.


what is the requirement regarding earthing of Single conductor with AWA


Bosch SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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