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Bosch C Interview Questions
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How do I access command-line arguments?

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What is the Difference between Macro and ordinary definition?

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what is the use of call back function in c?tell me with example

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write a program to swap bits in a character and return the value prototype of function char fun (char a, charb flag c) where fun returns a char, char a is a the value char b is the bit to be changed and flag c is the bit value for eg: x=fun(45,7,0) since 45 is 0010 0101 and ow x should contain the value 65 (0110 0101)

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What is difference between the following 2 lines…. int temp = (int)(0x00); int temp = (0x00int);

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print ur name without using any semicolon in c/c++....

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Difference Between embedded software and soft ware?

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explain about storage of union elements.

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write a c program to change only the 3rd bit of the particular number such that other bits are not affected.. if bitnum=10(say.. it can be any no..

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Find greatest of two numbers using macro

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Q. where is the below variables stored ? - volatile, static, register

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Is the below things valid & where it will be stored in memory layout ? static const volatile int i; register struct { } ; static register;

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what are the stages of compilation

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Write the test cases for checking a variable having value in range -10.0 to +10.0?


find the size of structure without using the size of function

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Bosch C Interview Questions

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