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Bhel Interview Questions
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What is unit of power

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Hi any one of u send me supervisor trainee question paper to my mail id for written test prepration


hi i need bhel old question paper with answer???????


what is the vital subject for scoring bhel exam&what is the question pattern


100V supply is appllied between 500K Resistance bulb. for 1 kwh energy, how long time the bulb will glow? explain the calculating method.

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Bhel supervision exam question: If 2 generators are working in a network. And if suddenly the field of anyone generator weakens. What will happen in the network? 1. The generator will run as motor 2. The generator will run as motor in reverse direction 3. The generator will take lighter load 4. The generator will take more load

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Why we use signal&voltage isolator between source n load.

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Adout concrete

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How damper winding in synchronous motor suppress Hunting?

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what is relay multiplier

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what is spherical surface contact and midsplit surface clearance regarding to turbine.

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how to test rotor &stator earth fault in turbine

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what are the ALOM commands are used to troubleshooting sunv440 server on ALOM console mode?

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What are the conditions to be satisfied before connecting two DC generators in parallel?

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how to calculate single phase motor efficiency ?


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Bhel Interview Questions

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