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Bhel Interview Questions
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model question paper for supervisor trainee


power factor is max for which welding a.arc b.resistance c.gas

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A reflex klystron function as

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Next month i have a exam in BHEL for supervisor Trainee . so please send detail about that and also send some model question paper also.


Syllabus for BHEL ET recuitment 2009 for electronics stream.

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i need supervisor exam model qustion paper

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can anyone show me how the 3 phase power is supplied to socket outlets?


what is tertiary winding in transformer?What is its purpose?

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please send me bhel questions on


A superconductor is a

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what are the types of starter ?

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current transformer cannot measure voltage or not ? then y we use P.T ?

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can i able to get bhel previous exam question paper?


what is self capacitance of inductor


transformer spections :: input voltage 0-110-230v; output volage 0-10-12-14v; amp=3A using CRNO CORE, capcaity=50VA primary turns = ? ; secondry turns =?


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Bhel Interview Questions

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