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Bhel Interview Questions
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Which is the example of non parallel power transmission

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What is equivalent spring constant for spring in parallel?

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How are tungsten and sintered composite materials are machined?

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Some questions was asked related to boundry layer and vortex flow.

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what is electronics?

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we have read that when the piston goes up and down then the engine works i.e. the suction,compression etc etc. then what happens in the case of big vehicles, which start at stable condition, i.e. how does their piston moves when they are at rest. how suction,compression etc

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why we use condenser in the thermal power plant, althrough the same vapour will be again heated


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plz send me question paper in bhel in previous year.


Ratio of specific heats of air.

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Which type of gear train used in Wrist watch?

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Internal energy of a substance depends on

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Gegger is used in foundry for the purpose of____________


Escape Velocity of Earth is

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Which instrument is used to measure the Inner diameter,outer dia,Thichness & Depth.

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Bhel Interview Questions

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