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Bhel Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is the highest transmission voltage in india???

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how the works electronic energy meter?


what happen when dc shunt motor field is sudden open in running condition

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why motor starting current is High ?

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a 3 phase motor was running with delta connected, suddenly one phase winding got burnt off, what will be the effect ?

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What type of motor is used inside computer CPU.

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What is the acessaries distribution transformer ?

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how percentage impedence effect on the size of the power transformer?

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What is OLTC in a transformer, specify its fuction.

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Questions :- HR- Q.1 about yourself & family background ? Q.2 Why u choose Power sector as ur carrier starting not any other sector ?? Q. 3 What think abt NTPC ? Techincal Questions:- Q.1 about Vocational Training……What u did , see the main equipments….etc Q.2 Why a transformer Noise during its running condition ? Q.3 about transformer oil material & Test name for the measurement of its dielectric strength & wht will u do if its dielectric strength goes low ? ……..some discussion type ? Q.4 What is relation between transmission lines & Communication lines ? Q.5 Which Machine u will prefer to use at a place where flammable gases are coming out & why ? Q.6 how fault in an electric system is detected & hw protection of equipments is done ? Q.7 Why we didn’t feel electric shock in an electric train ?? Q.8 Anything u want to ask from us ??

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What is the Total Power generation Capacity in India at present ??

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What is the function of Lightning Arrester & Wavetrap in Power system ??

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define IDMT relay?

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what is our body resistance value?

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Bhel Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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