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Bank Of America Interview Questions
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Difference between struts1.2 and struts2.0?

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I have 2 steps in my exec statement , in first step I am creating a gdg, and the output of this step is going into second step as a input, and this second step is abended , now how could i approach in this case.

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how can i install windows-xp operating system in single time to 50 computersconnected in a LAN.


what is ur weakness?

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suppose we have ten members of a physical file but we want the output of last 5 members to achieve that?


what is authorised capital ?

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what is portfolio ?

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For doing trading in SE do we need D-mat account ?

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what is a share? what do you mean by Bank Reconcliation Statement?

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If your account is debited instead of credit, than what do you do ? How do you correct your account ?

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what is acounting cycle ?

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Bank Of America Interview Questions

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