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Bank Of America Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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what is Future period and adjustment period?

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What do you think you do well?

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what is bpo

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I am poor in written test. i ever qualify in written test so please keep a bank of america model paper

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what is Dual Accounting

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Ratio Analysis with its Ratios

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golden rules of accounting? how bank earn profit?

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diff b/w debenture and bond?

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what is genpact? Tell us about genpact? what is GE? Tell us about GE? Describe your ideal company,location and job? why we should hire you? why do you want to join our company(GE)? What is capital bugeting? Explain the methods of capital bugeting in detail?

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Why do call p&la/cas a P&l a/c ?, why not P{or}L a/c

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How many types of account example pls

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plz send me the apptitude question papers of bank of america.

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plz send me the accounting questions and answers of bank of america.


What is private placement in Equity market ?

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Please do tell me about the questions which are asked at BACS FINAL ROUND.


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Bank Of America Accounting AllOther Interview Questions

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