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Bank Of America Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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tell me about ur favourite colour

49 464307

Favourite Holiday spot

22 174755

just a minute round on water, coffee, energy, newspaper,Dreams,television,window, hair, smile, pocket money,

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Speak on your unforgettable or memorable day for two minutes?

82 594107

Why do u want to leave your present job

5 8404

What is your memorable day in your life?

17 91183

tell me about your last movie that you see?

11 89965

wats ur mothers daily routine?

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talk about your favorite cricketer at least for 2 minutes

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what r you expact about your selary.

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what is the defference between call centre and bpo???

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tell me tabout recent movie u r seen?tell me about yout college days? tell me about your school days? tell me about your friends?

13 46801

why do u want to join bpo instead of other company

7 22861

y do want 2 work for our company only, ther r so many multi- national company's better than this ?????

8 12255

When I was in bank of America I got  question tell me about your unforgettable day

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Bank Of America Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions

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