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what is the defference between call centre and bpo???

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what is the defference between call centre and bpo???..

Answer / madhesh

Call center and bpo are same.. There are two type of process
1.front office 2.back office.In front office they are
providing the service through phone calls (voice support
only),like Customer care, telemarketing... In back office
they are doing internal job like, payroll, HR, Banking(Voice
& non-voice both)... BPO's are doing both front office and
back office works. Call center is doing front office work

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what is the defference between call centre and bpo???..

Answer / chandrasekhar

1.BPO is for promoting the provides updated information like offers to customers. center is also providing the same but in this case
customer can consult for any information like how to use product efficiently,clarification of doubts in process of using product

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what is the defference between call centre and bpo???..

Answer / baba

kyuki call center m costumer ki suno,and bpo m apni
suno,,,,,,,,and live life...and in evening take one pack of

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what is the defference between call centre and bpo???..

Answer / sam

call center call cener hota hai aur bpo b call center hi
hota hai to koi farq nahi hoga

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