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AZTEC Load Runner Interview Questions
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How should you call loadrunner scripts using testdirector

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What is Perfomance Tuning? where can we use this

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If we want to know the size of each component in system how?


In which doc do client give the VUser limit & Parameterization?

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To open gmail home page how much transactions has taken to open, how to calculate the time?

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how can u see agent process in controller?

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Un-Answered Questions

suggest me the free online books on software testing?


What is the full form of cable type-ayry


how to find the L shape surface of the moment of inertia and section modulus.


i have doubt suppose iam purly working in manual, when i will get work to do on sql and performence testing? pls any one clarify doubt?


why the rotor current becomes in steady state during high slip region? please verify with equations.


why power not passes in plastic and rubber material


Is IS 2062 different from ASTM A 36 or both are almost same


How to select the proper VSD to operate high inertial load


How to launch a control panel applet?


5. Which type of report you build more, list, crosstab or chart and why?


can anybody mail the exact sylabuss for ECIL


Explain the types of Views in Listview Control.


How do you create movement types? What are the steps involved? When will you recommend a new movement type?


what is web service in java? have u use before.


respected sir., i need knowledge, i want to do R.H.E.C but problem is this i am science graduate and a new to software line, i want to develop my carrier in I.t sector. please guide. thanks


AZTEC Load Runner Interview Questions
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