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AZTEC Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What are all the documents you are going to submit at the time of release as a testlead?

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First window is registertion window where u will be having the fields to entering the name,password and confirm password and Ok button.After hitting the OK button it will take u to 2nd window, wel come window for the user with the msg welcome user. 3rd window will be login screen where u will be entring the user name and password with out any mistake in case and spell (i.e u entered correctly)and 4th window it shows that user does not exits .What will be reasons? Other then data base not connected.

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What Is System Testing

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What would u do if u come across a it.....but the programmer is in a diff location ( say u in India n he is USA)..and he keeps accepting its a bug?

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suppose u have raised one bug.u have posted to that concerned developer..he can't accept that is a bug.what will u do in the next stage?

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what is Middleware? can anybody explain me?

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what is the Bugzilla Latest version?

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wat is the differece between three tier and two tier application

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What do u do if the bug that u found is not accepted by the developer and hez saying its not reproducable.Note:The developer is in the onsite location

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What do u mean by Positive and Negative testing & whatz r the diff's between them .Can anyone explain with an example .

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types of reviews

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What are cookies? tell me the advantage and disadvantage of cookies?

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what is the difference between reference key and foreign key

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What is HTTP and TCP/IP

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What is application server and what is web server?

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