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AZTEC L1 Visa Interview Questions
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Right now I am working in India. I got an offer from a Company in US and they sponsored for my H1b and my petition was selected in the random selection. The Company A has told me to join them only after getting H1b i.e. in Oct'07. Simultaneously, my current company is filing L1B for me. My current company will be sending me to US as and when L1B comes. I don’t want to let go US Company offer which depends on me getting H1b in Oct. My Question is, papers for H1b is filed in Apr'07 by US Company, if papers for L1b will be filed now, what will happen to my L1B and H1B status? can i ahve both stamped? What will happen to my L1B if they process now.What i meant was that papers of L1B and H1b are being processed at the same year?

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