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247Customer Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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i want to know about call center interviews question

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why should i hire u?

21 63493

What do you mean by a CALL CENTRE...???

18 54463

tell about yourself, please do give with example .

40 98960

why do u want to join a call centre?

40 66454

tell me something abt urself?

23 31643

tell about urself

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Tell me 2 minutes about traffic hyderabad ?

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Plz give me the details about how to introduce ourself like the conventional question that is mostly asked at MNCs...."Tell me about u r self"???

41 52529

why do you want to join call center

40 85004

tell me something about yourself?

42 127217

Tell about your collegeday life

29 42524

speak for 2 minutes on some topic

41 613968

just a minute round on water, coffee, energy, newspaper,Dreams,television,window, hair, smile, pocket money,

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Why did u choose a bpo carrier?

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