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247Customer Interview Questions
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i want to know about call center interviews question

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What are the steps involved in Database Startup ?

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What do you mean by a CALL CENTRE...???

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tell about yourself, please do give with example .

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why do u want to join a call centre?

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tell me something abt urself?

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My interview Placement paper with Dell ---- 2006 10 July

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tell about urself

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Who is called the ?Father of Ayurveda?? (a) Manu (b) Charaka (c) Lukman (d) None of these

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Tell me 2 minutes about traffic hyderabad ?

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Plz give me the details about how to introduce ourself like the conventional question that is mostly asked at MNCs...."Tell me about u r self"???

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What is the datatype returned by count(*)

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why do you want to join call center

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tell me something about yourself?

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i want manual and automation test cases and interview questions


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Hello I am rohit I have done BE but i have got the job in a start up comp. as a management trainee now I don't know what to learn Please help Me Thanks Rohit


What is the difference between SIT AND IST?


List the charateristics of Modern Manager.


what are the main faults that occur in stabilizers? How they corrected and resolved ? Types of stabilizers ?


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247Customer Interview Questions
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