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247Customer Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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about black color

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tell about most momerable movement


tell about jam round? and how to tell?

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speak about your college days or speak on morning,school days,hometown,or the city where you live

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tell me about your favorite color for 3 minutesas topic

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there is no question but the things is I ave MTI(mother tongue influnce)so can you's kindly help out how to overcome my disability.

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HR: If you get a Opportunity to go with a reputed company which is ready to pay more than what we r going to pay here. Will you quite the job from here or what? This is the common question used to ask by every HR. Obviously everyone will has to say YES but unfortunately for the hell shake we to need to say NO so give me a correct and positive answer.

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can u explain about child labour?

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Why are you left your previous company?

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hi..i'm a B.Tech(IT) Graduate....if t hr ask,u r a enginnering student,then y do u choose bpo?what answer i should give?plz tell me...

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why are you inted in call center job

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1)why do you select bpo industry? 2)why you left your previous hotel industry? 3)what do you know about this bpo industry? 4)Are you intrested to work in this industry?


why do you want to join the bpo?

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describe rainbow

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What is your favorite colour, explain briefly about it for at least 5 min. Every time i am getting strucked with this question. PLease help me friends

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