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247Customer SQL Server Interview Questions
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What is the datatype returned by count(*)

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What is SQL Profiler what is the use of it?

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What are the advantages of using views. Why do we need views when we have SPs?

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How many types of cursors are there in SQL Server?

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What is the difference between the following two sql statements select count(*) from select count(col_name) from

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What are the advantages of using stored procedures? Please don't simply say compilation time will be saved as they are already complied. Please specify some other advantages.

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Differences between functions and stored procedures?

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Can we have more than one NULL in a column having unique constraint?

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Please give me queries for the following 1. To get the count of duplicate records. 2. A query to delete the duplicate records.

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please tell me the query to get details of the employee having the second largest salary

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How to handle errors in Stored Procedures. I want to display a message to the user in the .aspx page that is calling a stored procedure in it's code behind. please help me.

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What is SQL Profiler and the use of it?

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What are SQL Jobs, please mention the use of it and how to create them.

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