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why do you want to join the bpo?

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why do you want to join the bpo?..

Answer / bijaya tandi

in this world a simple graduate student search for jobs,but
he/she is asked for experience in any field for which job
he/she is looking for,but in this sector anyone having good
communication skill can apply and if his/her luck was with
him/her ,he/she get a job in bpo sector,and the other answer
are nothing but to show the HR that he/she is smart enough
and nothing else..

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why do you want to join the bpo?..

Answer / gopal kumar

According to me every young educated person wants to get
involve himself in money earning activity, either in the
form of business or service in the very same way me too want
to become self dependent so that i wanna join call center.
And i know very well that, here i can develop my personality
along with communication skill. It will be the better
platform for my career...

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why do you want to join the bpo?..

Answer / rajeev kumar baaaj

Because Here I Can Improve My Communication Skill And
Achive My Goal And I Have A Passion For It.

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why do you want to join the bpo?..

Answer / raghav manocha

Because. this is the field .where u dnt ask for any
graduation or any other qualification.if u hv good
communication skills or any other skills to motivate your
self.then it is d good platform to proov ur self.!and i fink
it is also good place to divert ur mind instead of any other

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why do you want to join the bpo?..

Answer / roshan ahmad

bpo it means buisness process outsorcing and i want join
becouse at first i want to good comunication in any field
and i get from this a good comunication skill

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