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Siemens Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is the difference between Ith & Iu rating in MCCB. Particularly on SACE ABB Circuit Breaker?

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I have an existing old MCCB. ABB Model SACE, the rating are: Ue = 660 volts, Iu =1250 Amps, 3 poles, Ith (max) =800 amps at 45 deg C. I need a circuit breaker for my 3 phase motors, 380 volts 60 hz. the supplier required the minimum ampacity of the breaker to be 911 amps. can i use this breaker with rating of Iu =1250 amps but Ith = 800amps maximum?


what would happen if reactive power (kvar)is increased (more)or decreased (less)? how much exact reactive power should be maintained? and what should be done for that


A car's starter motor draws a current of 100 A at 12,0 V when starting the engine. The mechanical power required to turn the engine is 960 W. At what rate is energy from the battery converted to non-mechanical forms of energy?


What is distance protection relay? where & why we use this relay?

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what are the installation procedure of high voltage power transformer,CT,CB&PT?


what are the precuation should be taken ahen installing power transformer,circuit breaker,current & potential transformer


Where is the center of magnetic field in alternator

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what is the diffrence between preventive maintinance corrective maintinance?

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in a dc motor we supply current only to the armature conductors,from where is the field winding gets excited then??

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what are corona losses

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How to know Resistance and Reactance value of main and aux winding of single phase capacitor start capacitor run induction motor to find capacitor value?


what is the use of surge suppresser in 33 KV incoming panel. where it must be installed,inseries with incoming cable surge suppresser must be at incoming of the breaker are outgoing of the breaker

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What is Harmonics how it is produced and what is the method to control the same


What is the problem, if a circuit breaker is not closing.

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Siemens Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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How to know Resistance and Reactance value of main and aux winding of single phase capacitor start capacitor run induction motor to find capacitor value?


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