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Aurobindo Analytical Chemistry Interview Questions
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what is GLP? Which industries it requried?

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why we prefer kbr for ftir than kcl?

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why we use sodium salicylate in uv light calibration at TLC chamber

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why we are used 4,7,9,2 buffers for the ph calibration

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Is sonication essential in solubility testing of a drug substance?

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In pharmacopeal solibility parameter of a material, is et essential to test all paramete? If 70-75% parameter passes can we assess that the material is satisfactory or not?

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what is the difference between lod and loq?

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What is the difference between potentiometry assay and HPLc assay?

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Ratio of Water and Acetonitrile(diluent) is not recommended to use in cleaning method validation,why?


what is custom fields in waters system?

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Why we more noise in PDA detector compared to UV detector?

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what is the difference between heavy metals and sulphated ash

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Why are using in Hi,zero air, Ni gass are used GC

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If mass balance is not passing in forced degradation in method validation that method is suitable or not?

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What is the meaning of 624 in DB-624 Capillary column used in GC?

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Aurobindo Analytical Chemistry Interview Questions
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