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ACC Tourism Hotel AllOther Interview Questions
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How do you plan to achieve these goals


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ACC Tourism Hotel AllOther Interview Questions

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You are project manager for an engineering company. Your company won the bid to add ramp-metering lights to several on-ramps along a stretch of highway at the south end of the city. You subcontracted a portion of the project to another company. The subcontractor's work involves digging the holes and setting the lamp poles in concrete. The subcontractor's performance is not meeting the contract requirements. All of the following are valid options except: A. You document the poor performance in written form and send the correspondence to the subcontractor change request through Contract Administration. B. You terminate the contract for poor performance and submit a change request through Contract Administration. C. You submit a change request through Contract Administration to ask the subcontractor to comply with the terms of the contract. D. You agree to meet with the subcontractor to see if a satisfactory solution can be reached.


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