Tell Me about yourself?

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Tell Me about yourself?..

Answer / pavan

if any company ask about your self

u don't have to start with your name because your resume is
already with his so need not tell your name directly start
with your
2)location that where u born
3)about your self (like how u r and what u r )
4) hobbies
6)family background
and the final one is

if u perfect with this 8 points u will definitely select in
this round
all the best

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Tell Me about yourself?..

Answer / ravi chandra reddy bv

Its an easy question and u should be very careful to answer!
You should start with your education,Hobbies,
Interests,Skills and finally family background.
Its all very importent.

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Tell Me about yourself?..

Answer / samabraham

1)location that where u coming from
3)about your self
6)family background

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Tell Me about yourself?..

Answer / anu

This s called as the killer question.
for this we should answer inthe following order.

1. Name, from, school, year(eg:final year), department,
2. strength, likes, hobby, achievements, rolemodel goal
&pass time.
we should add our weakpoint in a positine way but
shouldn't highlight it.

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Tell Me about yourself?..

Answer /

This is encounter to PAVAN. Who posted his answer for "Tell
Me about yourself?".

Pavan when we submit our resume to interview, I hope most
of the detail relate to us mention in resume. However, the
interviewer asked this question to you for check the
communication skill you have with you. Do, not bother to
tell any information that related to you. Of course we need
to start with our name only. Then you can proceed with xyz.
If you have any thing or object towards my view then mail

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Tell Me about yourself?..

Answer / dhanasekaran.s

this is the common question which is asked by all type of interviews. please understand one thing that you no need to say about your family background, if they ask tell me about your family background means just answer for itself. Don't say your father name, mother name, my father name like this... these are all things include about your family background., just mind the following six points are,

1. Name,
2. Educational Background (include your 10th and 12th also),
3. Experience (if you have),
4. Your achievement,
5. Your positive quality like friendly type, hard worker so on,
6. Your aim.

Tanking you

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Tell Me about yourself?..

Answer / nitin awasthi

Any one should start with addressing suitable time when you
have gone for an Interview,I think Freshers can start with
with every thing in detail but an experienced people,they
do not have so much of time in interview and Interviewer as
well, so In this case any one should start with
Gradutation,P.G.Qualification and their total experience in
brief with their job profile and in last family background.

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Tell Me about yourself?..

Answer / 9450633980

genraly in this question only should be quafification in
details and your experience .

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