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RRB Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is the effect of high alkaline water to a boiler?

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Steps In starting boilers.

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What is the color of the flame of the boiler running in good condition?

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What is a brake horsepower?

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What is thrust bearing?

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What are the causes of boiler backfire and steps in how to prevent it from happening?

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What are the causes of high alkalinity in boiler water?

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What are sensible heat, latent heat, and specific heat of water?

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What are the causes of turbine vibration

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What are steam turbine parts usually come into damage?

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What type of pump use in boiler F.O. system?

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What s gland sealing steam?

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. Where can you find the feed check valve and feed stop valve and give the purpose of it?

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How to prevent back fire of boiler?

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What is the seal packing gland for turbine?

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RRB Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions

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