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RRB Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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what is the effect of earthquake on rcc columns & foundations?

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where can i get the previous question papers for rrb section enginerr (civil)


What is the maximum crushing load in Kg & crushing strength in N/mm2 for M25 & M 15 Grade concrete

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What are the tests to be conducted on cement?

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what is unit weight of steel

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what are the construction sequences in DAM, Hygh Way / Road, Thermal Power Plant, Hydro Power Plant, Tunnel ?

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how many rods to be require in kg 10sq.m slab?

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what is the nomimanal size' os agg.'for reinforced concrete 2 th ph value of water to be used in conc. Shall generly be

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which is the period is known as golden period in ancient india?

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sir I got selected in rail vikas nigam limited and they call for interview but i don't what they will ask in interview please guide me if you have any experience


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RRB Civil Engineering Interview Questions

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