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RRB English Interview Questions
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OS memory manegement pages mapping (numerical problem)has been asked.Don't leave any qusetions like doing for other companies.Answer all the questions.

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smog combination? 1. water & watervapour 2. for and water 3. smoke & water 4. None of these

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which one is correct and why - 900 Litre or Litres

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I want rrb technical,english,objective type questions,all railway exam question papers,loco pilot solved papers . Please send tomy email address

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all model paper of RRB examination of assistant station master of secunderabad

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i need section engineer previous question papers.if anybody have it plzzz send to my email id


15. Who was the charioteer to Karna in the Battle of Kurukshethra?

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RRB English Interview Questions

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