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RRB General Science Interview Questions
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The purest form of iron is 1 Steel 2 Cast iron 3 Pig iron 4 Wrought iron

21 61685

Soda water contains 1 Nitrous acid 2 Carbonic acid 3 Carbon dioxide 4 Sulphuric acid

3 22280

The element found on the surface of the moon is 1 Tin 2 Tungsten 3 Tantalum 4 Titanium

4 18819

Old-written material, which cannot be read easily, can be read by 1 Cosmic rays 2 Ultraviolet rays 3 Infra red rays 4 None of these

1 13747

The main important feature of neutron bomb is that when it is dropped on a city, it would damage 1 Both the living organisms and buildings 2 The buildings but not the living organisms 3 The living organisms but spare buildings 4 None of these

3 9164

Wood is the main raw material for the manufacture of 1 Paint 2 Paper 3 Ink 4 Gun powder

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RRB General Science Interview Questions

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