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Reliance Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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When a customer starts abusing u how will u deal with him? n what do u do?

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what are the responbsibilities of quality analyst in call center

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why you have customer care as a CAREER

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i'm a m.c.a student. how to give a perfect self introduction. in what order i should tell about my educational qualification.

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tell me something about the movie u saw last.


What will be your expected Salary? Can you justify your Salary?

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Are you comfortable working in Night shifts?

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tell me about your college life?


why you feel you would be suitable for Inbound customer service consultant role in a bank ?


what type of questions we can expect in interview of call center

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Express Yourself......?

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sorry ******* u have been rejected as vacancy is full? then u ask for ur resume dan he/she says dat i keep it wid me if deris some vacancy i will let u know ?


What is BPO Sector?

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What is the difference between SLA and TAT ?

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1)why joint call center? 2)wht is call center?

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Reliance Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions

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