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Reddy Labs Analytical Chemistry Interview Questions
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Do you know what Trace metal clean technique is?describe that technique?

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Describe your experience with quality assurance and quality control analyses?

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How will you convert a 6 Normal solution to 8 Normal solution?

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why we use only vanilline , acetanilide,& caffeine For the Calibration of melting point appartus?

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Why we use caffeine for HPLC calibration in Detector wave ength accuracy test

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what r the parts calibrated in gc

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what is the value of pH

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How to calculate LOD & LOQ in HPLC Validation Method

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What r the limitatoins of uv visible spectroscopy ? Why Water use in blank standard for uv visible spectroscopy ?

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if v use HELIUM & ARGON instead of NITROGEN as a mobile phase what happen in GC SYSTEM ?

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why we are using polystyrene film for calibration of I.R spectroscopy?

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why peak purity not considered in GC?

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Why use in sodium salicylate in uv lamps calibration

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How to fix the concentration for RS by HPLC

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In the test for control of absorbance in UV calibration why do we use only potassium dichromate and what is purpose of taking a specified amount of 57.0-63.0mg?

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Reddy Labs Analytical Chemistry Interview Questions

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