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Reddy Labs Analytical Chemistry Interview Questions
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For LOD and LOQ determination which method is accurate? (slopemethod or s/n ratio method)

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how to develop the shorter run time for pharmacopeial methods having 100 min run time?

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Why we use uracil and caffeine in hplc calibration

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If mass balance is not passing in forced degradation in method validation that method is suitable or not?

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How to Calibrate NMR instrument ?

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what is difference b/w spectroscopy, Spectrometry and Spectrophotometry ?

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how much mass should be there in volumetric flask while in preparation of sample for assay? 


U have 4 strengths have different coating meterial which one u chose to do forced degradation stady in validation

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Can you please give a suitable definition and an example for understanding the words purity and potency.

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Which Pharmacopiea follow calibration of HPLC,GC

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Why Holium cholorate used in UV Spectro photometer?

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In dissolution test s1 stage we are getting one bowl 40 % out of 6 bowls what is the root cause you find and how proceed next step? ( Q is 80%)

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Which water can use Hplc analysis

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How to calculate mass balance in RS after degradation

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Reddy Labs Analytical Chemistry Interview Questions

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