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Reddy Labs Interview Questions
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Which of the following is the best conductor of electricity ? (a) Copper (b) Aluminium (c) Gold (d) Silver

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What means in Microbiology the Acronyms VSS. I read it in a Nitrogen uptake description of a Nitrifyer Product containing Nitrosomonas and Mitrobacter...?

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What is the maximum operative of Drive ?

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how does it help for selection of a transformer.

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In Bulkdensity What is the difference between USP-I and USP- II

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what is the meaning of stress study?

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what is SOP?How can prepare?

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which std you used for chemical calibration in dissolution?

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For dissolution chemical calibration we use prednisone usp.. What is the lot number of prednisone? Label claim of prednisone ? How many samples in container generally?

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Which Pharmacopiea follow calibration of HPLC,GC

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Reddy Labs Interview Questions

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