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NTPC Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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Why no-load primary current is very small as compared to full load current in transformer (as 1% of full load current?

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why the motor running in delta connection ? it can be in star?

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Why should we use the igniter in the sodium vapour lamp.

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how to find impedance , mutual indatnce in transmission lines


Can u tell me design of switch yard


What is the "IS" for Rising Main?

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WHY TRANSFORMERS ARE RATED IN 11KV 22KV 33KV Instead off 10kv 20kv 30kv

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Why the transformers are rated in kva?

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What are various impedence in any machine

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The power consumption, in case of centrifugal loads (like pump, fan, blower etc.), proportional to ____.

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Dear friends, i would like to know that what is the exact function of 'exciter winding' & 'aux winding' in Alternator?


what is the difference between squirrel cage & slip ring induction motor?

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how we can know the rating of transmission line by no. of insulators disk ??????????

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diff between grounding & earthing

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how to checking earth restence with earthtester

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NTPC Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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