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NTPC Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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What will happen if oil is mixed with boiler feed water?

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what is the advantages and dis advantages of critical speed of turbine

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thermal engg


what is cyclon vibration effect in turbine


How Trains take turns, though there is no any differential

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what is materal used for piston in IC engine& why?

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What are the things needed to finish interview successfully from the perspective of interviewee ?

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what is the unit of hardness?

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what is the difference between stress and presure althougth both have same unit.

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if a member of mass 100 gram travelling with 10 m/s hit another body,and the final velocity is 59 m/s.what is the mass of second member

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What is the difference between Gas Turbine and gas engine in Gas Power plant ?

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diffuser increases pressure but in turbine pressure is decreasing when steam passing through casing?

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why vaccume required in turbine?

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What is the difference between pipe and tube?

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How to detect staring valve leaks?


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NTPC Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions

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