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NTPC Interview Questions
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What is the output of 25 kva 11/.4 kv transformer in kw ? Plz generalized it...

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Why can not you store AC power in battery like DC power?

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How to calculate the copper in HT motors if KW, RPM & Voltage is given


I know during Surge Impedance Loading maximum power is transferred through a transmission line and also Sending end voltage becomes equal to Receiving end voltage i.e Vs=Vr so my question is if both end voltages are equal then how current travels in such line hence how power is transmitted because flow of current needs Potential difference??

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if one potential missing in energy meter , how much % slow the energy meter?

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Factor of safety for steel should be based on its yield stress or its ultimate stress and factor of safety for concrete should be based on its ultimate stress or its yield stress?

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What is the knee point voltage of CT-100/5,15VA,5P20 ?

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why do mostly prefer to generate and distribute electricity in 3 phase..not in 4 phase or 5 phase.??

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What's the differs between voltage & current & emf.

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why the transformer has no starter

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what is the significant for using two types of voltage(line voltage & phase voltage)

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in a delta-star with neutral grounding on star side what will happen if one star limb  got opened at star point

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How to calibrate radar lt type transmitter

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if single phase is having 220v supply then why three phase is having 440v instead of 660v?

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Why boiler chimney area  oxyden sensor fixing? 


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NTPC Interview Questions

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