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NTPC Interview Questions
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transformer core are laminated for what purpose?

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What is triac?

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why we use kg/cm2 instead of kg/m2 as a unit of pressure. As we know kg is a MKS unit and cm is a CGS unit. So why we use combination of both(kg/cm2)while describing the pressure.

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why the transformer ratings in kva

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What is the syllabus for NIC exam ?


why always electric field is linked with magnetic field???

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why open circuit test is conducted on hv side and short circuit test is conducted on lv side of a transformer ?what is the reason for it ?

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Is 3C x 2.5 Sqmm Cable can withstand 40Amp Starting current? If Yes then specify your ans.

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Can you explain,what is entropy?Also tell us what happened in terms of ENTROPY when you give heat to a sealed tube containing half of water?

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what is the working process of over & under voltage relay.


374kvar capacitor bank connected across 600kw,6.6kv motor.what will happen if motor run at 50% , whether full kvar applied or half?

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what is the difference between single ratio, multiple core and multiple ratio, multiple core ? please explain.


can you tell me little about yourself


What is the formulae of percentage of steel

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Un-Answered Questions

can any one provide me the notes of data structure for ignou cs-62 paper


what are differences between composition and inheritance in c


i want to add 2 records to a table but the last field in the table is 1000 char long.Is it possible?if yes how?


Hi this is Vinoth. I need a help on below mentioned question A combobox contains list of items assume as 5 I have to get each items Individually and I have to Export to datatable. Please help me on this. Thanks


when dissoluction of firm why investment flchuationfund subtrect from book value


Can we use mov instead of esdv Explain the reason


Why PT voltages are measured with respect to ground? What do u mean by voltage or current polarized.


what is ic 01,ic 06 ?is it types of cooling?


What is Basic Response in Laravel ?


Suppose the Blast search returned 100 hits. Of these, 17 were false positives and we knew that there were 165 sequences in the database which should have returned a hit with our sequence. How many false negatives were there, and what is the sensitivity and selectivity of Blast in this instance?


how to convert analog RC filter to FIR filter


diff between exptected result and requirement?


How to test REF relay testing for LV panel as per Kahramaa standard?


How to Use the Shell API function SHBrowseForFolder() ?


Hi , Can anyone give few examples of scenarios and there corresponding design in datastage..i am new to this tool...confused in design while my manager asking to design the job.. Please post the URL if i can go through it.. Thanks in advance...


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