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NTPC Interview Questions
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transformer core are laminated for what purpose?

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What is triac?

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why we use kg/cm2 instead of kg/m2 as a unit of pressure. As we know kg is a MKS unit and cm is a CGS unit. So why we use combination of both(kg/cm2)while describing the pressure.

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why the transformer ratings in kva

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What is the syllabus for NIC exam ?


why always electric field is linked with magnetic field???

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why open circuit test is conducted on hv side and short circuit test is conducted on lv side of a transformer ?what is the reason for it ?

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Is 3C x 2.5 Sqmm Cable can withstand 40Amp Starting current? If Yes then specify your ans.

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Can you explain,what is entropy?Also tell us what happened in terms of ENTROPY when you give heat to a sealed tube containing half of water?

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what is the working process of over & under voltage relay.


374kvar capacitor bank connected across 600kw,6.6kv motor.what will happen if motor run at 50% , whether full kvar applied or half?

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what is the difference between single ratio, multiple core and multiple ratio, multiple core ? please explain.


can you tell me little about yourself


What is the formulae of percentage of steel

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Un-Answered Questions

Can anybody told me how to create a test case for voice memo and Photo tagging option


hey any one got the papers of SAIL and HPCL plz do help me by posting them to my mail ID's,


A steel column 3 m hight is of hollow square section, 200 mm outside dimension and 20 mm wall thickness. (young's modules E=210*10^9) calculate A: the compressive load which will give a stress of 60 MN/m^2 in column. B: the compression o the column under the load in (A).


I have completed my B.E with (CSE) computer science and engineering ,i had a total no of backlogs=20 ,is there any chances to get the visa PLEASE HELP ME NE1 : MY .


What is the significance of cost estimate knowledge for an architect?


Dear friends, what are the labour laws related to unorganisaed sector labours.


how to work droop ct in generating station


high voltage transformer input voltage,current and amps rating..distributed transformer input voltage,current and amps rating...


What is a Garbage Collection? and what is full recursive Garbage collection?


What is the purpose of a setting tank?


What is the port number for NameNode


why we use cascade control and feed forward control in 3 element drum level control measurement of steam drum .what is cascade and feed forward control system ?give example .


I am interested in how to write Functional Specicification documents to be passed on SAP ABAP Consultants. After the Fit/Gap Analysis the RICEFW objects will be derived and functional specicifications will be written for the ABAPers to work on. I would be happy if anyone could send me examples, templates and explanations. Thanks Jay


What Question ask in MARKIT Company?


If anybody has placement papers for igl , plz send to me as soon my exam is on 12 Jan. My mail I'd is


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