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Areva Interview Questions
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what is a project management?

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what is XLPE type cable

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what is difference between c-power & u-power air circuit breaker?

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phase colour is indicated by R Y B (red yellow blue) but in transformer i have seen U V W instead of (R Y B) have any meaning of this

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we can stepdown the voltage from 230/12v ,and we use the voltage for various electronics components why can't we step up the voltage from 12/230v if we can shall we use the voltage for domestic single phase supply

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why current transformer secondary side should be shorted ?

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What will happen if primary of transformer is fed with Square wave instead of sinsoidal wave ?Will it operate or Not?

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what is the differnce between high impedance relay and low impedance relay

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why the motor is rated as kw& transformer as kva

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1.what is surge used in power system 2.what is switching used in power system 3.what is lightning used in power system

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WHY WE ARE NOT PLACING C.B 'S BTWN GENERATOR AND TRANSFORMER.? what happens when generator gets disconnected from transformer when it is running @ full load?

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What is meant by Creepage Distance in Insulators?

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what are the advantages and disadvantages of oil filled cables over XLPE cables

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1.why we are using metal oxide gapless block in lightning arrester,2.What is minimum and maximum rating of metal oxide blocks using in india


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Un-Answered Questions

I am completed BE electronics and communication engineer I have 4 years experience in mainteance dept .am applying for c license is possible...How 2 get c license


what is the safe meggar values for motor, transformer HT, LT and Cables? IF we want to replace I/C bay at our 220 kv substation which is of 140 mw load capacity bay to be replaced by 400 mw capacity bay.other than CT(1200/1) what are the other equipment i have to replace. why we generally use 3.5 core cable or in other word 1/2 core for neutral and also confirm me that in balance conditiob(3 phase)current in neutral will zero


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Areva Interview Questions
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