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APPSC APPSC AllOther Interview Questions
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. The oldest large scale industry of India is: (1) Iron and Steel (2) Jute (3) Cotton (4) Paper

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. TRYSEM is (1) A code word in the Indian Military (2) A scheme of training for self employment (3) Training students in semester system (4) A system of remote control

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where can i find the APPSC group1&2 notification,syllabus

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hi can i download group 2 study material on net or is there any site the above mentionred info available

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hi friends, how you wrote executive officer gradeIII endowment officer exam. as for as my concerned general studies and optionals are set very easy. what about your views. thank you

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how i would i get group 2 duplicate hallticket

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group4 exam deatils?

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when was held the sc st backlog posts exams

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what is the syllabus for assistant motor vehicle inspectors in atransport subordinate service,a.p.p.s.c.

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if any one have the previous question papers for the post of Govt polytechnic lecturers in Instrumentation Engg branch, please send to


can any one post Previous question papers of Assistant statistical officers(ASO). which is conducted by APPSC.

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hi fds,can any one send previous question papers for DAO exam, and plz suggest me the book which is suitable for preparing for DAO exam . thanks mail id is

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Hi is there any date extension to Group-4 application to apply online. Actually lastdate is 24-02-2009.

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what is APPSC Govt polytechnic lecturers Exam pattern? if anybody having polytechnic lecturers model papers please forward to me.

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Is there any negative marking in Group-I & Group-II

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