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when was held the sc st backlog posts exams

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when was held the sc st backlog posts exams..

Answer / b.krishna

i would like to know about the sc backlog post exams

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when was held the sc st backlog posts exams..

Answer / jhansi

i would like to know the sc,st backlog posts was held on
which date please inform me

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Who was known as “Desha Bhandavi”? (a) Anna Poorna (b) Poorna Tilakam (c) Sarojini Naidu (d) Duvvuri Subbamma

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The founder of ‘Madhyamika doctrine’ was: (a) Nagarjuna (b) Harsha vardhana (c) Hala (d) Rajasekhara

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. Which one of the following regions receives winter rainfall caused by western disturbances ? (1) Kerala (2) Tamil Nadu (3) Karnataka Coast (4) Punjab

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Famous educational centers during 220-600 A.D. were : (a) Kanchi (b) Nagarjuna Konda (c) Both A & B (d) None

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. The Planning Economy in India is based on the : (1) Free Economy (2) Socialistic system (3) Capitalist system (4) Mixed economy system

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The World Press Freedom Day is observed on (1) May 3 (2) February 3 (3) April 15 (4) May 15

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Mechanical energy can be converted into (1) Light energy (2) Heath energy (3) Electrical energy (4) All of the above

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Duggirala Gopala Krishnayya was known as: (a) Andhra Bhakta (b) Desha bandu (c) Andhra Ratna (d) Deena Bandu

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. India’s share in the world’s goat population (1) 17% (2) 20% (3) 15% (4) 25%

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