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MAHINDRA Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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the process cynide is used for?

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fog produced due to?

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cc of scorpio?


refrigeration cycle?

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corona happens more in ac or dc?

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corona happens more in summer or winter?

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What phase difference between p and s winding of transformer

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what are the insulation properties.

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we have taken HV test of 2.5 k and Megger test on 11 kv HT it shows no fault but when we are charging the same cable with 11 kv supply why the VCB 11 kv gets tripped can anybody define the possible cause of fault ?

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As a good company employee, can you report your supervisor to the company management if he or she is going against the company interest in his or her actions?

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why name plate detail HP/KW rating of a motor is different from measured value HP/KW using formula?

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What kind of test is conducted commonly for generator? And explain briefly

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For 7.5kw star delta starter how to calculate 1. Mccb rating 2. Contactor rating 3. Over load relay rating

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MAHINDRA Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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